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What is a comedy club?

It is a public venue open to all where stand-up comedy shows take place with a live audience. It is NOT a club in the sense where membership is required. In other words, it is just like a public theater where anybody can buy a ticket and go in to enjoy a show.

If a number of comedians get together and form a physical or virtual group (e.g., via social media) which may or may not require some form of membership or criterion to be a part of the group, it is still not called a comedy club in the typical sense, but rather, just a group. Again, a comedy club is a VENUE that offers a SERVICE called COMEDY.

Does Naveed’s Comedy Club (NCC) require any membership?

No! All are welcome to come and enjoy live stand-up comedy shows at NCC which is simply a venue that hosts stand-up comedy shows that are open to the general public.

Why is it then called a ‘club’?

All over the world, comedy venues are referred to as ‘clubs’ which are open to the general public. NCC is simply following that universal format. Just like Mohila Shomitee is a venue for live dramas that are open to the public, though the name has ‘shomitee’ (association) attached to it, Naveed’s Comedy Club has the word ‘club’ attached to it to mean that is a public venue open for all to come and enjoy live stand-up comedy shows.

What is stand-up comedy?

Stand-up comedy is NOT about telling jokes. It is speaking about one’s own experiences, observations and points of view. It is based on FACTS while some exaggerations may be added to make the outcome funny. The material is unique and original, i.e. NOT ‘jokes’ taken from other sources (books, internet…) and definitely NOT from the material of other comedians which is considered pure theft! Stand-up comedy is performed in front of a live audience which often entails direct interactions with the audience members, thus drawing them into the act.

Does it cost to watch a show?

Yes. It’s a nominal fee to cover NCC’s expenses, which includes paying the comedians who work very hard for your entertainment.

Are there any age restrictions to attend the shows?

In general, no. The shows are usually G-rated, i.e., suitable for all ages. Nevertheless, there may be innuendoes in the comedy material. An 18+ show, if there is one, will be specifically announced as such.

What are the typical age groups that come to the shows?

The youngest audience member NCC has had is 10 months old and the oldest, 95 years old. In general, people of all ages come to NCC and enjoy 90 minutes of pure laughter.

Do I need a group to come with, or can I come just by myself?

You can come just by yourself or with a group, whichever suits your. The show brings the comedians and all the audience members together on a common thread, that is to just to laugh out without any inhibitions. As such, you will NEVER feel left out even if you are there on your own!

Can I come and leave anytime I wish?

Absolutely! Unlike in movies or dramas, you don’t necessarily have to know what happened before you came, not what will happen once you leave as comedy is all about being ‘in the moment’. Nevertheless, the comedians would love you to stay on till the end to enjoy the show and does feel a little disappointed if you stand up to leave in the middle of an act.

What kind of comedy is usually performed?

Comedians perform comedy on topics that the audience relate to. Examples are the daily lives of Dhaka, current issues, etc.

Who do typically come to the comedy shows?

People of all backgrounds and ages come to NCC to enjoy stand-up comedy. Given the common objective, the crowd consisting of all ages and backgrounds blend in well on a common thread, that is to laugh it out without any inhibitions. We have had students, corporate citizens, government officials, military personnel, business people, expatriates, stay-home moms/dads, kids, retirees, politicians, media personalities and just about the whole nine yards who have come to enjoy our shows.

Who is a stand-up comedian?

Someone who performs stand-up comedy.

What is the difference between a stand-up comedian, comedian, jokester, joker, clown, joke-teller?
  • In general, when we hear the word ‘comedian’, we usually automatically imply a stand-up comedian.
  • A jokester or joke-teller is someone who tells ‘jokey’ jokes (“two men were walking down the street…”).
  • A clown/joker dresses up to make people laugh through his physical acts.
  • Of course, a stand-up comedian may incorporate props in his act and still perform stand-up comedy.
Do you hold private shows?

Absolutely! See Bookings for Special Shows for details.

Can comedians be booked for private/corporate/official shows/events to perform comedy or to MC events?

Absolutely. Just contact us. See Contact for contact details.

What is the relationship between a comedy club and a stand-up comedian?
  • A stand-up comedian is not a ‘member’ of any comedy club.
  • Upon delivering a consistent and standard/level of stand-up comedy as required by the comedy club, a stand-up comedian becomes a ‘regular’ at the comedy club.
  • A stand-up comedian performing at any other venue/occasion does not represent the comedy club where he is a regular at, but rather represents solely himself.
When/how does a stand-up comedian become a ‘regular’ at a comedy club?

A stand-up comedian performing at a club once or twice or occasionally doesn’t mean he is a ‘regular’ at the club, but rather, is considered to have made ‘guest appearances’. Once he is officially on the roster of performing comedians at the club, he is considered to be a ‘regular’. In most cases, the club ‘officially’ declares to the audiences as well as the comedian once he becomes a regular.

Can any other performances take place or a jokester/joker/clown/joker perform at a comedy club?

In the broad sense, sure, as determined solely by the discretion of the comedy club. However, the distinction still remains as is evident in the performance on the stage.

Are there any bulk discounts on tickets for large groups?

NCC may entertain such options. Please contact us to discuss.

Are there any special theme shows?

There can be. Also, private/special shows can be customized to have a specific theme show where the comedians perform along those lines.

How can we be notified of upcoming shows at Naveed’s Comedy Club?

There are 3 ways to be notified of upcoming shows:

  1. SMS
  2. Email
  3. Facebook notification

See Subscribe for details on how to sign up.

Is NCC a registered entity?

Yes, NCC is a registered sole proprietorship.

Does NCC provide VAT to the government?

Of course! While the ticket prices INCLUDE VAT, NCC pays VAT on each sold ticket to the government as per its regulations. NCC’s VAT registration number is 5101117715.

Are the shows in Bangla or in English?

The shows are usually in Bangla. There is an all-English show during the last show of the month, i.e., the last Thursday of the month.

When do shows take place?

Shows take place once a week on Thursdays at 8:00pm.

Typically how long is a show?

A show is typically anywhere between 60 and 90 minutes. The show runs continuously with 1 comedian performing after the other.

Are there any open-mics?

Yes! This is how we discover new talent while the veterans try out new material. It’s free! You can join the open mic as a performer as well as a spectator.

What is an open mic?

An open mic is the session where the stage and microphone is available for anyone to go up on stage and try out stand-up comedy.

What does it cost to perform during the open mic?

It’s absolutely free!

When do the open mics take place?

The open mic takes place for about an hour prior to the regular show. Thus, the open mics are from 7:00pm to 7:45pm on Thursdays while the regular show starts at 8:00pm.

What is the criterion to perform during the open mic?

None! Just go up on stage and have fun! Performers go up on stage on a first come first served basis.

How much time to I get on stage during the open mic?

All depends on how many people sign up.

Will I make a fool of myself during the open mic?

The crowd is very supportive during the open mic session. Veteran comedians who are there can give you feedback on your performance if you wish. Don’t expect to be funny the first time or for a long time for that matter! But this is the ONLY way to start on stand-up comedy!

Are there food/beverages available at NCC?

Yes. Purchase is NOT mandatory though.

Are outside food/beverages allowed onsite?


Is smoking allowed inside NCC?

No. NCC is a smoke-free zone. Smoking is allowed in designated (stairway) area.

Is alcohol permitted/served?

Absolutely NO! NCC does NOT serve alcohol NOR does it allow its patrons to bring in ANY alcoholic beverages. While Bangladesh laws allow expatriates to carry alcoholic beverages to public eateries, NCC requests expats from refraining from bringing in any ANY alcoholic beverages to the venue as children often attend the shows.

If anyone is found in possession of alcoholic beverages or narcotics, NCC will politely ask the patron to vacate the premises.

Can I bring my retired/elderly parents?

Yes. In fact, we highly recommend they come! Laughter IS the best medicine. It is the perfect antidote to depression.

Is stand-up comedy the only forms of comedy shows at NCC?

In general, that is the most common form. However, NCC plans to introduce other forms of cerebral humor such as improvisational comedy, skits, joke bucket challenges, dual performances, etc in order to ‘spice’ up the humor experience.

Naveed Mahbub

NCC can be booked for special/private shows any day of the week other than Thursdays (the regular shows)). Contact +88 0172 090 2019 or Info@NaveedsComedyClub.com for bookings.


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